Oval :


Yoder Oval Models: Personalize Your Outdoor Space

Sizes to Choose From:

  • 7x9
  • 8x12
  • 10x12
  • 10x14
  • 10x16

Yoder ensures each oval model is tailored to your preferences, with several customization options:

Finish Options:

  • Bare wood for that untouched, natural look
  • Stained, offering a classic, polished finish
  • Painted to match your chosen aesthetic perfectly

Roofing Styles:

  • Traditional single roof
  • The more elaborate double roof for a distinct appearance
  • Robust metal roofing option for durability with a choice of colors 

Interior Customizations:

  • Keep it spacious with an open interior
  • Add benches and or tables for added utility and design
  • Evoke feelings of a tranquil haven with a porch swing or a double swing

Exterior Touches:

  • Screened sides to keep out pesky insects while allowing in refreshing breezes

Yoder's oval models are more than just storage spaces – they're an extension of your home, designed to your exact liking. Whether for relaxation, entertainment, or utility, Yoder guarantees a product that aligns with your vision.

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